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Relax and Stay At Our RV Campground

Whatever reason brings you and your RV to the Bay City, Texas, area, visit Nile Valley RV Park when you need to park your camper trailer and stay. Our convenient location, quality service, and personable staff sets us apart from the rest.

Types of Rentals

If you are passing through on your way to another destination along the Gulf Coast, consider a daily stay at our RV campground. Planning on bay fishing for a few days? Then our weekly rental is perfect for you. Seasonal employees working at the local power plant, retirees, or anyone else who needs places to stay for longer should consider our monthly rentals. Our park is an ideal spot for workers who don't have enough viable housing available to them.

What Comes With Your Stay

When you stay with us, we offer amenities that are accessible for people of all budgets. Enjoy living in your RV, while getting free Wi-Fi, water and sewer services, and garbage pickup. Cable boxes are provided with a deposit. For an additional fee, you get access to electricity. Contact us for rates.

RV Setup for Vacation

Giving You Options

Enjoy the convenience of being able to choose how long you want to stay in the area. Our RV park can meet your needs.